New in 3.8.3 version:

◦ improved GUI response under MacOS Sierra
◦ better look with adjustable line spacing using different fonts
◦ OMPL export / import issue fixed

Main features:

◦ Realtime news with no delay
◦ High speed, efficient RSS engine
◦ Twitter @user and #hashtag news feed reading
◦ iCloud sync of feeds, statuses and starred across all Apple devices
◦ Smooth animation on news arrival
◦ Intuitive user interface
◦ Mac desktop integration with adjustable opacity
◦ Add new feeds and feed icons with Drag and Drop
◦ Organize feeds into user defined folders
◦ Single click opens RSS content in a popup window
◦ Double click opens news in your browser
◦ Auto hide read items
◦ Mark & share news
◦ OS X Notification Center support
◦ Star news for later reading
◦ News can be highlighted and filtered by keywords
◦ Keyword detection alerts using audible and visible cues
◦ Customizable interface (colors, fonts, size, gradient, opacity)
◦ Assign custom icon for each feed
◦ RSS 2.0, ATOM support
◦ Sync with Feedly
◦ Send Starred news items to Pocket
◦ Customizable individual feed settings
◦ Import feed list from Google Reader takeout
◦ OPML export and import
◦ Quick text search in all feeds
◦ Multiple display/desktop and Spaces support
◦ Menubar mode (App icon can be removed from dock)
◦ Very low CPU and memory usage
◦ Different refresh time on Battery power
◦ Runs on all Mac OS-X and macOS version from 10.6 and later

Button functions:
❑ Minimize to Dock
❑ Quick Text Search
❑ Add new Feed
❑ Show only Starred News
❑ Auto hide read items
❑ Show only Keyword filtered News
❑ Open Preferences