If you have any questions, bug report or feature request please mail us at
Please include your device type and OS version.

Tip: NewsBar has internal daily backups of feed list for the last 10 days. You can restore your feed list to an ealier state from Preferences > News Feeds > Gear button (at bottom)

Current issues (updated 14 Dec 2016):

  • Under MacOS Sierra Restart NewsBar dialog appears on some systems when clicking on tabs and NewsBar View Mode set to Show in Menubar. Please change it to Show in Dock in NewsBar Preferences > Appearance to fix the problem. This is a temporary workaround, fix will come with the next release.
  • Feedly sync has stopped working due API changes, we are working on fix. Please disable Feedly sync until we release the update.
  • In case NewsBar for OS X stops refreshing news first please check your network and firewall settings, try re-launch the app. If the network is OK, try reset NewsBar to it’s factory defaults with the following Terminal command: rm -r ~/Library/Containers/com.newsbar-app This will delete all configuration and data files. Please before delete export your feed list if they not synced with iCloud or Feedly.
  • If NewsBar iOS not syncing with iCloud or not receiving notifications please try delete the app and reinstall it from App Store.
  • If NewsBar synced with Feedly moving news feeds between  folders can be done in Feedly only.